West Baltimore Nonprofit Offers Free Seminars to Strengthen Family Relationships

Proven Strategies Designed to Impact Real Lives
Baltimore, Maryland March 1, 2013 – The Faith Center for Community Wellness and Advancement, in partnership with the Miracle Temple Church, will sponsor the Happy Family Bible Seminars from March 29 through April 27, 2013.  Starting 7:00 P.M. nightly (except Thursdays), these life changing sessions will be held at 100 S. Rock Glen Road in Baltimore.  Married couples, singles and single-parent households will gain in-depth insight on proven strategies known to improve the quality of family life, while reducing stress related issues.  “The Faith Center is pleased to have this opportunity to support such a such worthy cause, while furthering our efforts to empower communities and families”, said Dr. Tom Freeman, one of the Center’s Program Executives.  Topics to be covered include: Three Big Secrets of a Happy Family, Seven ways to Tell True Love, Steps to Resolving Conflicts, Six Things Everyone Should Know About Sex and many more. 

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